WhiteWater Recognized by The Learning Partnership as Outstanding Employer for Helping Students with Early Career Exploration

WhiteWater Take your Kids to Work day (5)WhiteWater is the perfect place to showcase the variety of career options open to kids because making amusement park rides, water slides and designing water parks involves architects, designers, engineers (structural, mechanical and electrical) as well as project managers, all types of manufacturing and trades, finance teams and sales and marketing. Representatives from the many areas talk about the path they took to end up in their role and how it rarely is a direct route.  From the product engineer that started in IT sales to the accountant that was formerly a plant manager, they see careers are a journey, not a point A to point B process. WhiteWater outlines co-op and apprentice opportunities alongside University degrees as ways into these jobs to show a successful career has many routes.

Geoff Chutter, WhiteWater’s President & CEO, speaks to each group of kids about the importance of following your passion, as he did 35 years ago when his parents and friends thought he was crazy to quit being a CA to start up a waterpark. After years of perseverance, he now employees over 650 people across 20 offices around the world!

Each session of 30 – 60 minutes took the students through a lot of material, but also kept their attention. Seeing how slides and rides are made is pretty fun and WhiteWater made it interactive by giving them the chance to design their own sculpture and use the hot wire to cut it. The children also were allowed a sneak peek of the amazing new rides in development with the product development team that haven’t been released yet, before seeing where their parents work.

WhiteWater Take your Kids to Work day (2)

“They come home with a much greater appreciation for what their parents do, and hopefully how much fun work can be to inspire their futures,” says Chutter.

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