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Opechee Haunt Preparing Elaborate Pirates of the Caribbean Halloween Attraction!

Avast there! Halloween will be here before we know it, so it comes as no surprise that haunts here in Southern California are ramping up their plans for the 2018 season. One such attraction is Glendale-based Opechee Haunt, which is created each year by Sam Kellman, an avid fan and extremely talented designer. What makes the Opechee situation unique, is that Sam is 15 years-old, and already comes across as an old pro when it comes to creating haunted attractions for friends, family, and the public at large. If you’ve followed our Halloween coverage of events over the past few years, you will recall that we think very highly of Sam – he’s definitely the face of the next generation of haunters here in Southern California, and his work is really good; on par with many adult creatives that we know, quite honestly.

This year’s theme for Opechee Haunt is something that is near and dear to our hearts – Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean! This brand-new, family-friendly Halloween attraction will be called Pirates of the Caribbean: Sail with the Tide.

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Jon Cooke Steps Down from Knott’s Berry Farm, Launching Brand-New Horror Attraction

The interwebs are buzzing, and the word is quickly spreading like wildfire through Southern California’s haunt community. After 13 years at Knott’s Berry Farm, Jon Cooke has stepped down from his daily position there as a designer, and has been working quietly on a brand-new horror experience in a nondescript industrial building in Upland, California, which will open its doors to the curious public in the weeks ahead.

Recently, we paid a visit to Jon’s new venture and stepped into his world – a highly-immersive escape experience/haunted attraction he’s named MurderCo: An R-Rated Horror Experience. MurderCo is an ambitious haunt-escape room hybrid that is going to thrill the hell out of SoCal fans looking for the next big deal.

Before we look ahead at what Jon Cooke is about to unleash on the Southland, it’s important to acknowledge his departure from Knott’s, and what it means to events such as Scary Farm; it’s the elephant in the room that everyone is buzzing about, so we would be remiss not to discuss that a bit. The good news is, it’s not a bleak as some are assuming.

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