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Opechee Way Haunt 2014 – The Sum of All Scares

Opechee_Way_2014_7834The Opechee Way Haunt is a home haunt located in the hills of Glendale, California. Tucked away in this quiet, cozy neighborhood, Sam Kellman and his spooky cohorts have been creating the home haunt for the past several years. What sets Sam aside from your average haunter is that he’s 12. His team of fellow haunters are also pre-teens that have an incredibly strong sense of staging and production.

2014’s presentation of The Opechee Way Haunt was subtitled The Sum of All Scares, and featured small sets and scenes constructed and arranged around the perimeter of Sam’s home. Small groups are let in at a time; the attraction is pulsed, and those waiting do so in a professional switchback queue that is set up on the home’s driveway, next to a makeshift cemetery filled with leaning tombstones and glowing Jack O’Lanterns.

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Twisted Colossus Final Construction Tour and Opening Date

Twisted-Colossus-Final-Tour-Magic-Mountain (23)Arguably, the most highly-anticipated ride opening this year in Southern California is Twisted Colossus at Six Flags Magic Mountain. The massive hybrid coaster (wooden structure/steel tracking) has been under construction at Magic Mountain for the past months, with the park offering media tours throughout the process to keep fans updated about its progress.

On Wednesday, April 29th, bloggers and members of the media were invited to take one final tour of the Twisted Colossus construction site at Six Flags Magic Mountain. The weather was fairly nasty – close to 95 degrees, as we put on our hard hats and followed Construction Manager Bruce Thompson one more time onto the site for some very up-close and personal shots of the massive coaster.

This week, Magic Mountain began testing one of the Twisted Colossus trains. Unfortunately, the park had wanted to cycle the train while we were all there – but work needed to be done with track and brake adjustments, so it simply wasn’t in the cards for our tour. The trains are all on the tracks, however – and they look fantastic.

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Western Music Showcase at Old Tucson 2015

jon-messenger-stage-no-micOld Tucson and the Arizona Sonora Western Heritage Foundation are pleased to present Western Music Association artists from Southern Arizona at the Western Music Showcase at Old Tucson!  This fun and inspiring event will be held on Saturday, May 2 and Sunday, May 3 throughout the day during park hours, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Western music celebrates the life of the cowboy on the open ranges and prairies of Western North America.  Local musicians dedicated to preserving and promoting this legacy will perform original as well as traditional western music and poetry.  Artists scheduled to appear include:

Jon Messenger (Saturday only) – is a singer/songwriter whose music is a hearty stew concocted from the influences of an eclectic musical background. Influenced by everything he’s heard, Jon’s original Folk and Western tunes have been well received by audiences at festivals and gatherings throughout the West. These songs reflect Jon’s love of the myth, beauty, spirit and truth of the American West. Jon’s vocal and acoustic guitar stylings blend together to bring a haunting and authentic portrait of cowboy life, past and present. Jon also shares selections of Cowboy Poetry from both traditional authors and his own pen. Jon’s voice has been called the “best story-telling voice in contemporary western music”. Rich, warm, and evocative of whatever feeling is in the heart of the tune.

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San Diego Zoo Takes in Two Asian Elephants en Route to Oklahoma Zoo

One of two Asian Elephants taken in by the San Diego Zoo this month.

San Diego Zoo animal care staff received two additional guests at the Conrad Prebys Elephant Care Center this month. The two Asian elephants were en route from the Woodland Park Zoo to the Oklahoma City Zoo but plans changed due to veterinary concerns.

Female elephants Bamboo, 48, and Chai, 36, arrived at the San Diego Zoo early this month, and have been placed into quarantine while animal care staff evaluate their condition.

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Tokyo Disney Resort Unveils Major Expansion Plans

Tokyo-Disney-Resort-Expansion-PlansOriental Land Co., Ltd. announced that several themes for the further expansion plans of the Disney parks at Tokyo Disney Resort have been decided. For Tokyo Disneyland Park, two of the areas within the Fantasyland redevelopment plan will be themed to the Disney films Beauty and the Beast and Alice in Wonderland.

The overall theme for the new themed port at Tokyo DisneySea Park will be Scandinavia with a portion of the area being themed specifically to the world of the Disney film Frozen.

These new areas will include attractions, restaurants and other facilities filled with enchantment that will enhance the Guest experience at Tokyo Disney Resort.

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