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Girls of the Bone Yard 2015-16 Calendar Available!

cover artOnce in a while, a story is borne of the haunt industry that has far-reaching effects well beyond October or the Halloween season/arena itself. Such is the case of the brand-new Girls of the Bone Yard 2015 – 2016 18-month calendar, created by Larry Bones and the team at Bone Yard Effects, here in Southern California!

The 18-month calendar features haunting, spooky imagery that features some of the ladies that work on the Bone Yard crew throughout the year. Best of all, $10 of every sale goes to the Share Our Strenth initiative called No Kid Hungry. No Kid Hungry aims to end childhood hunger in America by connecting kids in need with nutritious food and teaching families how to cook healthy, affordable meals.

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The Barn – Woolley Edge October Screams 2014

the-barn-bedroomThe Barn, which is part of the annual October Screams Halloween event is just one of many haunted attractions that has recently opened in the UK, thanks to the demand of a growing fan population there. Here in the United States, Halloween is big, big business – over $10 billion annually, according to some experts in the industry. It’s only natural that fans around the world have taken to the spooky themes of haunted attractions for immersive and interactive experiences; and it’s only natural that business developers and creatives across the pond have started tapping into this extremely lucrative genre for themselves.

Theme Park Adventure loves haunted attractions, the people that create and run them, and of course, the fans – because that’s what we are on an extremely large and geeky scale when it comes down to it! We have friends and TPAers in every of the world, including all over the UK. That’s why we are really excited when we have the opportunity to share haunted attractions with TPAers from different parts of the world that many of us will never get to visit in person.

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ALONE: An Existential Haunting 2014 Review

Alone_2014_3847ALONE: An existential haunting returned to Los Angeles after making its debut in 2013, and has grown significantly since then with an incorporated story, longer experience and unique scares.

In 2013, ALONE was a great take on being “extreme”, as well as theatrical and frightening. It was aggressive and dark – taking place primarily in the pitch black, as guests were completely alone. My only complaint (but more of a suggestion) at the time was that I wanted to see the creators incorporate a story, or at least a consistent theme. I understood the rawness of the experience and disorientation; however, my preference in any attraction is to be able to somewhat follow what is happening.

ALONE successfully experimented with unique ways for guests to experience the attraction in 2014; this started as early as two months prior to the main event in mid-October. I had the honor to work with the creators of ALONE to bring a one-of-a-kind experience to ScareLA, the Los Angeles Halloween convention – something that I don’t think has ever been done before in that type of setting. There have been many haunted house walk-throughs at conventions, but this was a personal, interactive and aggressive attraction that each guest had to experience… alone. At ScareLA, guests had to check in at ALONE’s booth, and were given strange, cryptic brochures about the mysterious Enola Foundation. Some guests were marked with triangles or neon paint after checking in, which caused quite the hype and discussion among other convention attendees. When ALONE was ready, your cell phone rang with a man’s voice on the other line, asking “Are you alone? Drop all your things and head to the elevators on the second floor. Do not talk to anyone.”

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LEGOLAND Florida 2015 Events Line-up

WINTER HAVEN, FL -- LEGOLAND® Florida   (PHOTO / CHIP LITHERLAND)The Force grows even stronger at LEGOLAND Florida Resort with the announcement of LEGO Club Weekend featuring the LEGO Star Wars Miniland model display as a new addition to 2015 Events.

LEGOLAND Florida kicks off the year with a full line-up of action-packed fun for 2015 with special events specifically geared towards families with children ages 2 to 12. Guests will want to return again and again to enjoy a full year of LEGOLAND Florida’s special events and more than 50 rides, shows and attractions. All events (*except Brick Dash) are included with regular Park admission.

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Bill Burr Returns to Aces of Comedy at The Mirage

Bill-BurrThe Mirage welcomes back comedian Bill Burr when he returns to the Aces of Comedy lineup June 26 – 27. Burr is one of the top comedic voices of his generation, achieving success in television and film as well as the live stage. He premiered his fourth hour-long special, “I’m Sorry You Feel That Way” December 5 on Netflix. Burr’s upcoming projects include co-starring with Kevin Costner and Octavia Spencer in the film “Black or White,” opening January 30, and starring in his own animated Netflix series “F Is For Family” with Laura Dern and Justin Long as the voices of the Murphy family, debuting in 2015. Burr’s “Monday Morning Podcast” is one of the most downloaded comedy podcasts on iTunes. Burr will tour theaters in Australia, New Zealand and Asia in January and February

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