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Experiencing The Great Horror Campout

The Great Horror Campout If the folks at Ten Thirty One Productions can be given credit where it’s due, it must be said that they have dominated the Southern California pro haunt market in recent years when it comes to new and innovative attractions that go beyond the bounds of traditional haunted attractions. The Great Horror Campout is the latest notch in their belt, which made its debut this month on June 7th and 8th near downtown Los Angeles.

Record needle scratch. Near downtown Los Angeles; say what? As strange as it certainly seemed at first (a horror campout with tents and wooded scare zones typically conjures images of the wilderness and secluded sites far from any metropolis), let me just say that despite the inevitable glimpses of the outside world encompassing the sprawling park where this event took place, reality faded with the sunset and once the event got underway, suspension of disbelief took over and the Great Horror Campout succeeded in becoming an immersive, fun, scary environment for its guests.

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