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Chills for Change Haunted Attraction in Santa Barbara, CA

Something terrifying is coming to Santa Barbara at the end of October…

It’s CHILLS FOR CHANGE, an exciting, brand new fundraising event produced by and for Pacific Pride Foundation!

This event, taking place Friday-Sunday, October 26-28th, and Wednesday the 31st, at the Fishbon Pescadrome (from 7:00pm – 11:00pm each night), is an all new, horrifying haunted house featuring professional-quality sets, costumes, and makeup, terrifying performances from local actors, and an all-new, original theme.

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REVIEW: Terror Tram – Invaded by The Walking Dead at Halloween Horror Nights 2012

Terror Tram: Invaded by The Walking Dead at Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood 2012

It all started in Atlanta, Georgia… Now the “Walkers” have made their way to the West Coast – right into the Back Lot of Universal Studios Hollywood! For the past few years, we haven’t been exactly impressed with the Terror Tram at Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood. It definitely is a great idea with decent execution, but it is a nearly identical experience every year. With The Walking Dead as the new theme, we expected something new, but unfortunately, we were let down.

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REVIEW: Haunted Hollywood Sports 2012

Haunted Hollywood Sports is one of the new haunted attractions cutting its teeth this year in Southern California. Located in Bellflower, Haunted Hollywood Sports is spread out over the sprawling Hollywood Sports Park facility’s 23 acres, featuring two “killhouses”, four mazes and two scare zones. The event also features a 21+ bar, complete with DJ and a dance floor.

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REVIEW: Scare Zones at Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood 2012


Personally, the most exciting part of this year’s Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood for me is Silent Hill, and I was definitely excited to see the franchise expand into a maze and scare zone. Once guests embark on the Starway to the Lower Lot, the experience starts immediately through the music of Silent Hill. It really sets the mood and makes fans (like myself) excited. As guests approach the Lower Lot, the sound of the siren blares throughout the area and are greeted by Pyramid Head, a few Nurses, and Bogeyman. Ummm… wait… that’s it? We explored the Lower Lot more after experiencing the two mazes, but found no other monsters except the handful at the entrance of the Starway. The monsters are placed perfectly, since it’s the ideal area to scare guests arriving at the Lower Lot, but to find them only there is disappointing. Also, what happened to the fog? In the past years, the fog used to completely fill the Lower Lot. The coolest part about Silent Hill is being in the bathroom or other far away places and still be able to hear the siren loudly. Ultimately though, Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood definitely missed the mark on this scare zone.

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